Ranch Horse Competitions

2019 Ranch Horses Competition Series

The “Open Ranch Horse Competition” is open to any horse. The ranch horse competition is designed to demonstrate the horse’s ability to perform various tasks that may be part of working on a ranch. It consists of a reining pattern, trail obstacles, and single cattle work (no roping or sorting/cutting). It is a terrific introduction to the world of Versatility Ranch Horse Competitions for both you and your horse.

2019 Ranch Horse Dates

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May 5, 2019 – Briggs Arena – Whitehall, MT –  May 5 Score Sheets
May 18, 2019 – Saddle Peak Arena – Belgrade, MT – May 18, 2019 Score Sheets
May 19, 2019 – Saddle Peak Arena – Belgrade, MT – May 19, 2019 Score Sheets
June 8, 2019 – Rockin W Heart Arena – Helena, MT – June 8, 2019 Score Sheets
June 9, 2019 – Rockin W Heart Arena – Helena, MT – June 9, 2019 Score Sheets
July 13, 2019 – Saddle Peak Arena – Belgrade, MT – July 13, 2019 Score Sheets
July 14, 2019 – Saddle Peak Arena – Belgrade, MT – July 14, 2019 Score Sheets
August 17, 2019 – Townsend Fair Grounds – Townsend, MT – Show Manager Info__Townsend


All of the rules for each class list are listed in the rule book below:



Ranch Horse Competition Entry Form

2019__RHC entry blank


Stallions that have offspring that are eligible for the Stallion Stakes Classes –



2019 Patterns (one of these NRCHA patterns will be used – please view pattern to see differences in pattern for each class. Youth and 2 Year Old classes use their own patterns listed in the below description):
Youth Beginning Level Pattern 1Youth Beginning Level Pattern 2Youth Advanced Pattern 1Youth Advanced Pattern 22 Yr old Pattern 12 Yr Old Pattern 22 Yr Old Pattern 32 Yr Old Pattern 4NRCHA Pattern 2NRCHA Pattern 5NRCHA Pattern 7NRCHA Pattern 8NRCHA Pattern 9NRCHA Pattern 11NRCHA Pattern 12


RMBA Class Fee Schedule:
Classes 1-6 & 9-14 are $75 and will count towards year-end awards; qualifies for jackpot $
Class 7 is $60 and will count towards year-end awards; qualifies for jackpot $
Class 8 is $30 and will count towards year-end awards; qualifies for jackpot $
Class 15 is $40; no jackpot $ or year-end awards
Classes 16 & 17 are $15; no jackpot $ or year-end awards

If these classes (15-17) generate enough interest then we can add them to the year-end awards in future years.


  • We will accept entries the day of shows per cattle availability, but would prefer if you pre-register so we can get a cattle estimate – thanks!
  • A rider can enter the same class twice, on different horses
  • No horse may enter in more than 3 classes/day, regardless of number of riders, except if all Youth classes, in which case the horse may enter each class a maximum of 2 times (with separate riders); judge may declare any over-worked horse ineligible to compete
  • A horse cannot be ridden in the same class more than once except in youth.
  • Youth Classes: these are designed along the idea of the 4-H levels, which are defined by skill level as opposed to age.
    • Beginner Youth Class (#12) – this is for any youth who is not ready to track/work a cow safely. Entrants may not cross-enter any other class.
    • Youth Class (#11) – same as Beginner Youth but also tracks a cow. Entrants may also go in Novice Rider class or Limited Ranch Horse

FOR INFORMATION contact Kristy Sheehan (406) 396-2415 or Jan Finn (406)266-4992

These events are held in a relaxed atmosphere – come and gain some experience, pick up some tips, make new friends!

Start time 9:30, but please try to sign up as early as possible so we can actually start at that time!

We are also offering Year-End Awards again this year – Rider must be a current RMBA member prior to their first show of the season in order to qualify!!!! Horse and rider combination must attend 50% of the shows. A maximum of 75% of the shows will apply toward year end awards points.

The RHC is PAC-approved (Paint Alternative Competition) – that means you can get APHA national credits on your horse if you have him signed up with APHA.