Sale horses arranged by Seller’s name

We are currently accepting consignments for the 2015 Horse Sale, to be held at Helena, Montana Sunday May 17 at 1:00 pm.  This years sale will be held in conjunction with the Springfest/Equine Expo.

While we have expanded our parameters to accept all breeds of horses, including grade, we would encourage primarily ranch-type horses, as that is what our buyers are looking for.

The Sale Slot fee structure this year is the same as last year: weanlings and yearlings are $50; 2-year-olds and older are $100. Mares (bred back or not) with unweaned foal at her side (less than 4 months) are a single fee of $100. Mares with foals over 4 months are considered two separate horses/consignments ($100 + $50). Weaned foals must be born before May 1 to go through the sale.
Any remaining balance must be paid by March 15th, or along with your consignment horse information, whichever is earlier. No refunds will be issued without a review by the Board of Directors. In addition to the Sale Slot Fee ($50/$100), the Selling Commission still remains at 7% or $50, whichever is greater, but is waived if there are no bids received.
You must be a RMBA member to consign.

2014 Sale Slot Resv

2014 CONSIGNORS Contract-Waiver