Watch Joe Jack Move

2013 Gray
AQHA #5541438

Burns Ranch Quarter Horses
Ron and Donna Burns

40 Canyon Ranch Road
White Sulphur Springs, MT  59645
(406) 547-2165

Joe Blue Head










WATCH JOE JACK MOVE is the son of Pitzer Ranch’s World Champion rope horse, Joe Jack Red, and one of their better Watch Joe Jack x Johnny Badger/ War Bond Leo mares.  “Joe Blue” is a 2013 Pitzer branded gray stallion.  He is good looking, very likable, and rides really well, and has Pitzer Ranch foundation breeding on four corners.

Joe Jack Red is Pitzer Ranch’s senior line bred stallion.  His colts are all good looking and popular and always sell at the top of their sales.  JJR’s Special Awards include:  2005 Superior Heading; 2004 Superior Heeling; 2004 Hi-Point Halter; 2003 World Qualifier Heading and Heeling.  JJR’s AQHA points include:  Open…. 53 Heading; 58 Heeling; 1 Calf Roping;   Amateur…. 9 Heading; 12 Heeling; 3 Halter; and 2006 Amateur ROM.

Due to extreme athleticism, speed, and unique ability to control the run, several thousand AQHA points have been earned by rope horses thanks to JOE JACK RED on the help end.   The colt crops offered for sale at the Pitzer Ranch have sold for averages at the top of their sire list.  They are characterized by that cute Joe Jack head, quick foot speed, and a head full of brains.  They are confident horses that own the ground that they walk on.  His daughters are a lot like the old Watch Joe Jack mares and are highly maternal.  The ones that Pitzer’s have competed on seem to have a lot of cow, talent, and the ability to be competitive at the upper level.

“Joe Blue’s” dam, Watch Jazzy Move, is a granddaughter of Watch Joe Jack and a Two Eyed Jack mare.  Her dam, War Bond Leota, goes back to similar bloodlines of Joe Jack Honey Bar.  Watch Jazzy Move has also produced several top selling geldings and stallion prospects for Pitzer Ranch.  They have been keeping the fillies.

I feel very fortunate and appreciative to Jim Brinkman for helping me to obtain a stallion of this quality.  I have found his colts to be very cute, correct, colored, and good to work with…………..SUPER !!


STANDING AT: Burns Ranch Quarter Horses White Sulphur Springs, MT
MARE CARE:$50/Month for Pasture
MARE REQUIREMENTS: Current on Vaccines, Vet Checked for Breeding Soundness, Halter-Broke, No Shoes
ANY ADDITIONAL FEES: All Associated Vet Fees
METHOD OF COVER: Hand, Pasture
BREEDING SEASON: May 1 – October 1
Mares must be onsite no later than May 1 for turning the stallion out on May 15th

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