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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Breeders Association We are celebrating our 22th anniversary in 2022 and hope you join us.

We hope you will find it informative. 
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With the Governor Directives in combination with the current status of COVID-19 cases, the RMBA will be adapting some of our set-up to be careful to maintain ‘social distancing’ throughout the events and ask all attendees be part of the proactive approach.

Part of this will be requesting pre-entries more than ever so we don’t crowd the office among other carefully considered actions.

Thinking of riding for Year End Awards? Both Owner and Rider (if different and not on the same family membership) must be current year members in good standing. Membership forms are also located on our website.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience as we navigate these new waters and for your continued support of the RMBA.